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The candidates for the MRUSA President position are clear! Here's their introductions to you

On March 10, at 20:00, registration for the positions of President, Control Commission and Board of the Mykolas Romeris University Student Representative Office (MRUSA) has closed. The MRU Student Representation Body, for the second year in a row, is celebrating democracy because two candidates expressed their desire to lead MRUSA forward!

You can find the motivational letters of both candidates, their CV's and plans (activity guidelines), after one or the other becomes MRUSA President, by clicking on their names above 👆

We invite you to take a look!

Briefly about the girls themselves:

Ieva Gustė Kavaliauskaitė (in the photo on the right) - 1st year student of the Academy of Public Security, full-time studies, law and criminalistics. Joined MRUSA this academic year and since then has been actively involved in the activities of the social and academic affairs and marketing committees and significantly contributes to other initiatives.


Gabija Staponaitė (in the photo on the left) - 1st year student of the Faculty of Human and Society Studies, full-time studies, psychology. At the beginning of this school year, Gabija joined the Student Representatives office and added to the ranks of human resources and organizational affairs committees. Also, got to know the social and academical affairs committee and contributes to other important works.


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