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We want to emphasize that:

Our team has always been and is, so far, composed of local - Lithuanian - members. Therefore, all the meetings, projects, documents and informal conversations between people are in Lithuanian.​

Our organisation does not encourage foreign students to join MRUSA because of the complexity it would cause in the process of our work and an integration of You, international student, into our team. Let's take into the consideration, that You would feel uncomfortable by not being able to fully participate with the rest of the team in everything MRUSA does.

Nevertheless, participating in our meetings and accompanying our team in our work processes, is not forbidden. Just the opposite - You are very welcome to come and see how it's being done! Most of us do speak fluent English so don't even worry about personal communication with members. Our experience shows, that we want foreign participants to take as much as they can from our encounters, therefore, we will assign You a person to translate everything on the spot!


In addition, we do acknowledge that some foreign students are very motivated towards changes and innovations and do want, somehow, to leave a positive impact on our university, students and the whole community and do good things for others. In this case, we suggest and encourage You to:


1) Write your suggestions to our email, Facebook and Instagram direct messages.

2) Come to our meetings and express your personal opinion on issues that are important to You.

3) If you see a person, rocking an orange hoodie with a name on the back - that's an MRUSA member - feel free to stop him and express yourself. We guarantee that You will have an, indeed, warm interaction and Your voice will be heard! :)

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